Selasa, 27 April 2010

just wanna be with you

Ryan:I got a lot a things
I have to do
Ryan and Kelsie:All these distractions
Our futures coming soon
Ryan:Were being pulled
Both:A hundred different directions
Ryan:But whatever happens
Both:I know i got you
Ryan:Your on my mind, your in my heart
Both:It doesnt matter where we are
We’ll be alright
Both:Even if we’re miles appart
Troy and Gabriella:All, I wanna do
is be with you,
be with you
There’s nothin’ we can do
I just wanna be with you
Only you
No matter where life takes us nothin’ can’t brake us apart
Troy:You know it’s true
Both:I just wanna be with you
Gabriella: Heeeeeeeeeey
Troy: Just Be With You
Gabriella: Oh, Yeah, Yea.
Troy: You Know How Life Can Be.
It Changes Over Night!
Both: Its not Even Rainin’ But It’s Alright!
Gabriella: A Friend Like You,
Both: Always Makes It Easy!
Troy: I Know That You Get Me.
Both: Everytime! Through Every up,
through every down! You know I’ll be around
Though anything you can count on me
Both: All I Wanna Do,
Is Be With You,
Be With You!
There’s Nothing We Can’t Do,
I just Wanna Be With You,
Only You!
No Matter Where Life Takes Us,
Nothing Can Break Us Apart!
Troy: You Know Its True,
Both: I Just Wanna Be With You.. I Just Wanna Be With You…

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